One-stop shop for fun-filled family activities,
kids-friendly products and services.

One-stop shop for fun-filled family activities, kids-friendly products and services.

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planoShop is where you can find the best of fun-filled family activities, kids-friendly products and services. A one of a kind rewards program that open the doors to exciting offers, discounts and enjoyable edutainment

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Genius R Us specializes in unique learning experiences through their series of workshops, themed birthday parties and customised team building activities. The Genius R Us studio is open to everyone, so parents and children can both join their baking class for a hands-on, fun-filled baking experience!


Aikido Shinju-Kai is the premier and most active Aikido organization in South-East Asia, Singapore. Classes at Aikido strive to bring out the best in each student and aim to lead them to a path of success and satisfaction in life.


White & Black Trading specialises in representing brands with an outdoor edge. It offers a wide range of quality outdoor must-haves for kids and adults to enjoy. Founded by a pair of mothers, White & Black Trading’s vision is to provide safe, high quality products that give hours of outdoor playtime and fun!


Games Workshop has been providing families high quality table top collectible games since 1975. From rich fantasy settings of heroes and monsters, to futuristic sci-fi worlds of technology and aliens, it encompasses painting, artistic creativity, strategic thinking and even quick math skills. The wide range of games offered by Games Workshop allows both parents and children to spend some quality, device-free time together and have hours of fun!


NERF Action Xperience provides children and adults adrenaline-pumping, action-packed experiences in themed activity zones. Here, you get to go on an adventure with your teammates where you will feel empowered and confident to secure your team’s goals and forge meaningful connections with your teammates!

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