Keeps your children cyber-safe and their eyes healthy.

Our science-based app develops good device behavior and helps you manage your child's screen time whilst keeping them cyber-safe and their eyes healthy

World's 1st Parental Control App
that protects your child's eyes

Equip your child with the plano eye health app to protect
their vision and manage screen time in this unpredictable
digitalised world.

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About planoApp

The planoApp is the world's first parental control app with science-based features to protect your child's eye health, develop good phone/tablet use behaviour, keep your child cyber-safe , prevent internet addiction and helps with screen time management.

plano’s features

Eye health and parental control

Protect your Child’s eye health

Tired and dry eyes from too much screen time? Give your kid’s eyes sufficient rest and time to refocus with helpful eye break reminders.

Eye strain, headaches, and eventually short-sightedness. Keep your child’s eyes at a healthy viewing distance from their phones.

Prevent eye strain and discomfort by ensuring correct lighting conditions when using their phones.

Follow your child’s progress with personalised weekly digital eye health reports.

Avoid neck pain and maintain healthy phone posture.

Manage your Child’s device use

Parental app blocker: Keep your child safe from harmful content by blocking apps and online browsing.

Parental screen lock app: Easily set a screen lock on all apps in your child’s phone from your own device.

Screen time parental control app: Manage screen time by assigning specific times when they are not allowed to use their phone.

Plano app to track kids: Keep track of your child’s whereabouts with push alerts when your child enters and exits the designated boundaries.

Develop healthy device-use habits with a points-based reward system.

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  • Features


$ 0

limited time only

  • Face-to-screen distance
  • Posture monitoring
  • Eye break reminders
  • Low light detection
  • Blue light filter
  • Device time scheduling
  • Points reward system
  • Plano Eyecheck*
plano recommends

Health Plus

$ 2.98

a month

Everything in Health, and:
  • Device use and myopia reports
  • App and browser blocking [Android Only]
  • Remote lock [Android Only]
  • Location boundary

Health Max

$ 29.98

a year
16.67% off

Everything in Health plus, and:
  • 2 Months Free
  • Link Points bonus *

*Singapore – based users only.
Available on Android and iOS.
Requires iOS 10.0 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Requires Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later, compatible with smartphones and tablets.

What parents love about planoApp!

Mark Liew

Great monitoring app!
Helps protect my children’s eyes, stop them from straining their eyes and appreciate the child screen lock function.

Li Er

Life saver!
This helped me easily keep an eye on my kid’s phone use. I find the kid control and child block app functions so convenient. Would definitely urge busy moms like me to download plano!

Shanti Ramesh

Easy to use
The child control and baby screen lock helps keep my kids off their phones easily. It is also convenient to book an eye check through the app.

What experts say

“A revolutionary eye care app which can help in preventing the worsening of the eyes of the next generation!”

Gabi Steenbekkers, BOptom.
Myopia Management Specialist
Procornea Nederland B.V.

“Evidence suggests that getting children outside more, and managing time spent on tasks using near vision, are effective ways to reduce the risk of myopia-plano is the first dedicated vision app designed to help parents and children set and achieve goals to achieve these changes.”

Michael Bowen, MSc
Director of Research & International Strategy
The College of Optometrists

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planoEyecheck: Easy 1-min booking to healthy eyes

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